woman peacefully sleeping in bed with white and blue bamboo viscose sheets covering her while she rests her head on a pillows covered with white bamboo viscose pillowcases

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We offer a distinctive collection ofΒ premium bed and bath textiles. All items are consciously curated to reflect our commitment to high quality and sustainable materials.

messy bed with pillows at head of bed and sheets draped across top

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Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

Crafted from 100% bamboo viscose, our signature sheet sets are designed for the ultimate blend of comfort and luxury.

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We bought two sets last year. My wife suffers from allergies, lots of them. Dust mites being high on the list along with Pet dander, #1 and #2. These sheets have been great, not one issue and not allergy problems. Repeat buyer, that says it all doesn't it? Great product.

Scott Trant
Cloverdale, OR

I love these sheets, from the minute you take them out of the package you know they are different. So soft, sturdy yet lightweight. Now own two sets and will be buying more. Will never go back to the average cotton sheet no matter what the thread count is!!

Arnie Luedke
Phoenix, AZ

I like my new PF robe. Except for the lovely touch of flat pleats - YAY for understated style! - it’s a standard sturdy Turkish weight and feel, exactly what I wanted. I’ve gone a couple years without a robe (I know! WHY?) because the right one hadn’t come along. . .much longer wait for a companion πŸ™„ but I’ve GOT MY ROBE now.

Shelly Harring
Marysville, CA

I love this nightgown! I never sweat in it, even under a blanket and down comforter. It also still keeps me cool. The 3/4 sleeve is awesome. Fave πŸ™Œ

Erica Eldridge
Reno, NV

I absolutely love this robe! It’s very comfortable and has been keeping me warm all winter. Highly recommend!

Jessie Scanlon
Newington, CT

I love the pillow cases. Silky smooth and breathable. My oily face is very comfortable. The best cases I’ve ever used. So good the wife stole half of my order.

Trung Nguyen
Wylie, TX