The Only Cooling Sheet That You'll Need for This Summer

Summer is rolling in...

and the temperature in your house is getting hotter, especially in your bedroom, and making a cool night sleep impossible. Opening the window, turning on the fan, or blasting AC is not your permanent solution. What you need is a cooling sheet set that will bring you quality sleep and stay cool for the entire summer.




Twill weave with 250 thread count, this lightweight, cool, breathable and absorbent sheet is your go-to sheet set during the summer.

Bamboo fabric has natural cooling properties (thermoregulating) that keep you cooler in the summer. In fact, bamboo fabric's thermoregulation helps stay cool when it hot out and warm when it's cold. Making our sheets not only a must-have during the summer, but winter as well.

(Starting at $160 for Queen Set)


Silky Soft

Bamboo fabric surpasses any premium class of cotton fabric in terms of softness. The fabric is twill weaved for the maximum durability and luxurious softness.

Ultra Clean

Thanks to the natural bamboo's allergy and odor-resistant properties, our bamboo sheets always smell fresher, last longer, and keep you odor-free.

Planet Friendly

Bamboo fabric is the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet due to its natural self replenishment. Not to mention, there are no harmful pesticides used during the growing phase.

These luxurious sheets are incredibly soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. I was initially concerned about thread count and weave, but learned it doesn't matter since bamboo is softer than cotton; these are silky soft and the weave makes it durable. The thermal-regulating properties of bamboo make them feel a little cooler when you are warm and a little warmer when you are cold. For years I purchased bamboo sheets at a home good stores that lasted only a few months. I purchased a set of these more than a year ago and even with daily use and weekly washings they've held up so nicely I just purchased a second set. These are the sheets I've been looking for!

- Sandra